Monday, June 2, 2014

Salt Water Taffy Summers

There is an intrinsic value to those things that bring us happy memories. It may be a song that reminds you of that HOT summer at the lake when everything was browned to a crisp, but was the best summer ever.

Maybe it's those spearmint leaves that Grandpa used to snack on. They weren't good, you didn't crave them then. But you do now. Because Grandpa is gone and every time you catch the scent of them, they remind you of him.

Everyone has something that connects them to a memory. So when Furla unveiled her Candy Eyewear Collection, I just had to show you what they reminded me of.

And of course, that had to be licorice. Like the spearmint leaves, licorice is NOT my favorite. The distinctive flavor of licorice was too much for my childish palate. But the colors. The contrast. The juxtaposition and blend of the pink and the black and the white were truly attractive to me. And they still are! Who could resist this?

Reminiscent of carnivals and Coney Island summers, These sunglasses bring out all of the whimsy and fun that summer offers.

Popping color and protective lenses are just what the backyard BBQ ordered!

And for indoor style, just look at what the candyman has up his sleeve.
Soda fountain looks that are lighter, softer and infinitely flattering in shape and color. The lighter side of the optical industry is starting to flip her skirt...
Genuine Leather accents add a serious tone to an otherwise demure pair of glasses

 Pastels are just the thing to sweeten up summer with a much cooler look!
Trying on glasses is one of the best ways to dream up a new look! No trying on jeans, no bad lighting, just quick and easy fun! With the right pair of glasses, your outlook on summer can be the sweetest ever!