Monday, April 7, 2014

Don't get your pixels in a bunch

It's 2:00 in the afternoon and you've been looking at your computer for HOURS. In fact, if you're reading this post, you're STILL staring at the computer!
Everybody take 20 seconds, look 20 feet away and blink 20 times. 

Doesn't that feel better?
Now that you've done your eyeball jumping jacks, lets work on solving this problem for the future!

The future is definitely deeply rooted in the technology that drives our everyday lives. 
Last blog post I gave you a hint that the 80's frame styles were coming back in style. Shapes and sizes and bright colors that are fer sure, like totally exciting!
But the most exciting thing is the perfect symbiosis of those retro and vintage frame styles combined with the futuristic technology of  digital lenses.
So what is digital exactly?

Simply put, the optics of the lens has more pixels per square inch. That's why they are often marketed as HD lenses. 

In the past, your eyeglass lenses were made with one "sweet spot" optical center. That means that for those of you who have a stronger prescription, you subconsciously lose clarity the farther off the center of the lens that you look. Digital technology makes lenses with up to 72 of these "sweet spots" throughout the lens. The result is a a MUCH larger field of vision, crisp clarity and more comfort for long term wear. 

Additionally, your Optician has great opportunities for customization of your lenses that we only dreamed about before! With a digital progressive lens, we can SPECIFY the corridor length of your progressive. No more cookie cutter lens designs that require a "just so" frame to make the lens fit. Exciting stuff? Yes it is! 
Of course these premium lenses are only available through the best eye care providers. Don't be fooled by big box claims, and please don't try to buy this kind of lens online.  They are using older lens designs, or  'semi' digital lenses. Look at it this way, you wouldn't go car shopping and buy a vintage car thinking it's going to have bluetooth connectivity right? 

You need a professional to help you navigate the extra measurements required to make the most of this technology. 
Look what happens when you do....

Big difference huh?
Yes, this is a television comparison, but the concept and the "WOW" factor are definitely the same. 
So how much is it going to cost you for all this snazzy stuff? About $50-$150 more in most cases. Anyone who is wearing these type of lenses will tell you it's totally worth it. You only have one pair of eyes, you only have this one life to live. Don't miss a moment because of bad glasses!