Monday, March 31, 2014

The 80's called and they're coming back

Admit it, you had a pair of shorts coveralls. And if you did then you're going to REALLY recognize some of the latest trends in eyewear. Away with Geek Chic and Onward with pop rocks colored big round plastic frames. Bring on neon, bring on stripes, next thing you know you'll have a peplum dress again. Check out Risky Business and She-Bop into your local independent optical to try it on. 
80's a little too close for comfort?
(Oh  I am SO punny today)

See the unique retro looks coming your way.

This is the Lustre Lady by Jonathan Cate and it is OH so beautiful on. It flatters a woman's face with a beautiful uplift, whimsical details and ALSO comes in more neutral colors for the slightly less adventurous style diva. This spring you will see a softer side to eyewear with less sharp angles, thinner profiles and unexpected color combinations such as neon yellow and navy blue.

Now before you say "That's not for me", try a few on.  You might surprise yourself and LIKE THEM!
What's old is new again. Over and over. You might be feeling a little nostalgia for a time when things were simpler. When life was quieter and we spent more time face-to-face over coffee. What better way to indulge than a timeless eyewear look? Stay tuned for our next installment on those newfangled "digitized" lenses. It's going to be an eyewear mashup of old and new and you will LOVE the way you look and how you see!

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