Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I won't give you a virus!

You don't need to buy glasses from me.

Until the day you wish you had. 

I would like to tell you that the eyewear people get online really sucks. And in many instances it does. But for the most part, those that purchase inexpensive eyewear just want cheap glasses. We can talk about quality and customer service but that's not the driving force behind cheap glasses so why argue it?

Because I have more zoo-zoo and wham-whams than the computer has AND I'm there when you need me!

PRICE: I can usually honor the price you found online. Usually the super cheap options are loss leaders and they are hoping you will upgrade. If you knew what you were buying then you probably WOULD upgrade. Our prices aren't usually that different and I won't be offended if you ask!

ACCURACY: I make sure your glasses are correct. I have a microscope and 23+ years behind me to know how to do that. When I get your glasses in from my lab, I go through the entire fitting process again and double check that they provided what I ordered and did it accurately. Sometimes I don't pass them, and they get sent back. You can count on me to make sure they're right!

ADJUSTMENT: I have special super-powers of fitting and adjusting frames. I have tools that will strategically bend your frames without weakening them. I have to confess that there are GROSS number of opticals that don't adjust frames at dispense. You should find one that does. It's a necessary part of the process. 

WARRANTY: What are you supposed to do when your online glasses get broken? Loses a screw? Develops a defect in the coatings? This is the point where most folks finally realize their computer can't fix a pair of glasses. They need a person. They want me to "buff it out". They want me to repair it. We optical peeps are very good at repairs, but here comes that QUALITY lecture...maybe it wouldn't have broken if...
However, when you buy from us, we are always happy to extend all available warranties and take care of it 

RELATIONSHIP: This is where the rubber meets the road. I always said I would work for free and I DO! Someday I hope to make money, but the bottom line is that I LOVE to help you see. Your local Opticians enjoy seeing you, getting to know you. Come in and have a cup of coffee while I repair your glasses or do an adjustment for you. Come in ANYTIME! Because your computer can't hang with you like we can.

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